B2/C1 Vocabulary: The Birds and the Bees

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abort abortion adopt adoption amniotic fluid artificial insemination asexual bear (v) be born belly button break water breastfeed bred breed breeding (n) buck (n) bud bun in the oven (inf.) caesarean (section) calf cell cellular cervical cervix clitoral clitoris coital coitus conceive conception condom congenital contraception contraceptive copulate copulation courting courtship craving cross-breed cub D.N.A. development diaphragm display donor ejaculate ejaculation embryo embryonic estrogen ethnic ethnicity expecting (adj) extra-marital f(o)etal f(o)etus faithful fallopian tube female feminine femininity fertilization fertilize flirt flirtation foreplay

gay gender gene pool genetic genetically modified (G.M.) gestate gestation get off with (inf. phr v) give birth have an affair have sex hermaphrodite hormonal hormone horny (inf.) identical twins immature incubate incubation incubator infancy infant infant mortality inherit(ed) inseminate insemination kid kitten lesbian libido lovemaking lover loyal lust lustful lusty make love male masculine masculinity masochism masochist masturbate masturbation mate (n + v) maternal maternity maturity menstruate menstruation midwife miscarriage mixed-race monogamist monogamous monogamy morning-after pill morning sickness mother/father-to-be mother cell natural birth navel nipple offspring on heat ovular ovule

paternal paternity penile penis period petal pill placenta polygamist polygamous polygamy pregnancy pregnant premature puberty puppy randy (inf.) rape regressive (gene) reject (n + v) reproduce reproduction reproductive reproductive organs resemblance rival rivalry romance romantic sac seed (n + v) semen sex (n) sexual abuse sexuality sexually-transmitted disease (STD) shag (inf.) siblings spawn (n + v) sperm(atozoid) sperm bank stalk stamen stigma stork style suckle surrogate survival t-cell teat testicle testicular testosterone time of the month trait transsexual twins ultrasound uterus vagina vaginal young (n)