Advanced Vocabulary: Sport

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amateur American football archery athletics back flip backhand backstroke badminton ban (n + v) baseball bat baton batsman bench  bet betting betting shop billiards bobsleigh boot (n + v) bounce bowler bowling boxing bring forward (phr v) butterfly cancel canoe cap centre forward chairman champ champion(ship) chess circuit compete competition competitive competitor conditions continent corner (kick) crawl (n) cricket cup darts decathlon defeat defender director diving doping doubles dressage dribble (v) extra time favourite fencing fight finishing line fixing football forehand Formula One (F1) forward (n) foul (n + v) game grid plan give up (phr v) goal goalie goalkeeper goal post go-karting goggles golf golf club green (n) greyhound racing gymnastics

handball header heptathlon high jump hockey hurdle ice hockey injury injury time international iron man javelin jog(ging) judo karate kayak kickoff (n) kit kung fu lane league line out (n) linesman line up (phr v) local long jump lose(r) manager marathon mat match net netball oar odds Olympic (Games) on loan paddle pads paragliding Paralympics penalty penalty box pentathlon ping pong pins place a bet player points pole position pole vault polo pool postpone professional push on (phr v) put(ting) put back (phr v) quarter race racing racket rally red card ref(eree) regional regulations relay relegation rigged ring rink round (n) rugby rules

sailing save (n + v) scrum scuba season shoot shot shot put shout out (n) show jumping shuttlecock sign up (phr v) sin bin singles skating skiing skittles skydiving snooker soccer somersault spin (n + v) sportsman sportswoman sprain (n + v) sprint stadium starting block stick (n) stoppage time striker stud stump substitute (n + v) substitution sumo wrestling surf (board) surfing suspend swimming trunks swimsuit synchronized swimming table tennis tackle tactical tactics target team tennis timeout tournament track track and field train(ing) trainers ('footwear') transfer trekking triathlon trophy try (n) twist umpire vault velodrome victory volleyball water polo water sports whistle wicket win(ner) winger Winter Olympics workout work out (phr v) wrestling yellow card
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