B2/C1 Vocabulary: Sensation, Emotion and Reaction

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acceptance ache act (up) on (phr v) activist ad(vert)(ise)(ment) advertising aloof amazed amazing amused amusement amusing appalled appalling arrogance arrogant atmosphere attitude audience awesome beat up (phr v) be taken aback betrayed bitter bliss(ful) boo boredom bother(ed) boycott breakdown break down (phr v) breaking news breakout (phr v) broadcast burning (adj) burst out laughing/crying (phr v) cheer cheer on (phr v) cheer up (phr v) chuckle claim (n + v) content (adj) contentious critical criticism delirious deluded delusional demonstration depressed depressing depression desperation disbelief disgusted disgusting disorientated dramatic(ally) ecstatic effort(less) excited(ly)

fantasize fantastic fastidious feel down freak out (phr v) go crazy gossip grateful gratitude grin happiness hearing hit back (phr v) hopeful(ly) hopeless horrific horrified horrifying hurt idiotic in a good/bad mood in awe of inconsolable irate irresistible irritated itch(y) judge (v) judgement lament laughter let-down (n) let down (phr v) liar look back (phr v) look forward to lose hope lose the plot lust (after/over) maddening melancholic mood(y) muse over (phr v) nausea nauseating nauseous oppressive outrage outrageous overjoyed over the moon overwhelmed overwhelming

painful pass out (phr v) pent up (adj) persecution pick up (phr v) pissed off (adj) pong protest (n + v) proud publicity punch (n + v) put about/around (phr v) put down (phr v) put up with (phr v) quarrel rage ratty refusal refuse reject(ion) report (n + v) row (n + v) rumour (self-)discipline sensory sensual shocked shocking shrug (off) sight slap (n + v) smell(y) smirk sour stare (n + v) sticky sting (v) stink (n + v) stressed suggest(ion) swipe (at) tasteful tasty terrified terrifying threat(en)(ed) threatening thrill (n) thrilled throb tickle ticklish tingle touch(y) touching (adj) transmission transmit (un)acceptable (un)bear(able) will power

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