Advanced Vocabulary: Movement and Travel

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accelerate action activate adventure ahead go around the houses ascent at a leisurely pace avoid bash (into) begin behind (be in a) rush/hurry bend bite blast (v) blink book (v) book in (phr v) book out (phr v) boot (v)  bounce brake break breathe bring about (phr v) build up (phr v) burst cartwheel catch cease clean click cling connecting flight contract (v) contraction crack (v) crash (into) crash (n + v) crawl cruise(n + v) crunch curve dancing (adj) dash (n + v) day trip decelerate (de)compress(ion) deflate descent dilate dive dock (v) drag drop off (phr v) dull ease (v) edge (v) emergency stop (ex)change excursion exhale expand expansion expedition explode

fidget fill up (phr v) fire (v) fix ('attach') fix ('repair') float flow (n + v) fly off (phr v) freewheel full-steam ahead get in/on get out/off  grab   grip (v) grow(th) head back (phr v) headlight heave highway hoot (v) hop hover hurry around/about (phr v) inch (along) inflate inhale jab jam ('get stuck') jog land (v) last (v) launch leap motorway night stop nod one-way (adj) pace (n + v) paddle park (up) peddle (n + v) pedestrian penetrate persevere pile up (phr v) pit stop platform plod on (phr v) plunge pop in/out (phr v) pop round (phr v) pop up/down (phr v) pull up/over/in (phr v) race (n + v) refuel rest stop rip roll row(a boat) rub it better rub out/off (phr v) rush around/about (phr v)

scream (past) set off (phr v) sharp(ly) shift shoot shoot past/over (phr v) shoot off (phr v) shove shrink shrug sink skid skip slam (into) slide slip slouch slow down (phr v) smack (into) smash (into) snatch sniff snore soar somersault speed (n + v) speed past (phr v) speed up (phr v) spin spit sprain sprint stab stall (v) start up (phr v) steadily steady stretch (n + v) stroke (v) stroll stutter supersonic sweep swing take off (phr v) tap taxi (v) tear thrust topple topple over (phr v) top up (phr v) (traffic) jam transcontinental trek (n + v) tumble twist twitch (n + v) vibrate vibration voyage wade whack whizz past/over (phr v) whizz off (phr v) wink wipe wipe out/off (phr v) zoom over/past (phr v) zoom in (phr v)
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