Advanced Vocabulary: Law and Order

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a beating accusation accuse actual bodily harm (ABH) aggravated aid and abet ammo. ammunition appeal (n + v) arbitrate arbitration argue argument armed arson(ist) assassin assassinate assassination assault attorney (AmE) back up (n+phr v) bail bail out (phr v) ballistics barrister (BrE) battering ram beat up (phr v) beyond doubt blackmail(er) blank (n) booby trap bribe(ry) brief (n + v) bullet burglar(y) bust (n) CID (BrE) call out (phr v) casualty catch catch up with (phr v)  caught in the act caught red-handed chase (n + v) civil clause clear (v) clear up (phr v) clerk con (n + v) conciliation conman consequence consult(ation) contract (killing) contradict contradiction cop court case court of appeal crime criminologist criminology cross-examine crown court  curfew D.N.A. declaration declare defendant delinquent delve (into) denial deny dispute dispute(d) DA (AmE) disturb (evidence) do a runner dock (n)

emergency (services) exchange fire falsify fine (v) fingerprint fire (n) firearm forensic(s) forge(r)(y) fraud(ulent) getaway (adj) get away with (phr v) good conduct grass (n + v) GBH (BrE) gun handgun hang hardened criminal hazard(ous) hit (n) hitman hospitalize hostage hurt (n + v) imprison (in)admissible inform(ant) injur(y) intentional(ly) interrogate interrogation intimidate intimidation investigation investigator juror jury justice juvenile kill(ing) killer knife (n + v) lawyer legal(ity) legal aid leg it life sentence line up (n + phr v) litigation loot (n + v) looting (n) magistrate's court mandatory maximum security mediate mediator mention muder(er) mug(ging) mugger mugshot negotiate negotiation negotiator (not)guilty offender officer on the beat

pardon parole petty criminal pick out (phr v) pick pocket point the finger at police constable (P.C.) prison(er) prosecute prosecution prosecutor protection provocation provocative provoke public prosecutor (BrE) put a trace on someone raid (n + v) recess reconvene release retaliate retaliation rights right to remain silent riot riot police rob(ber)(y) scapegoat send down (phr v) sentence (n + v) shield(n + v) shoot out (n) shot (n) solicitor solitary confinement specimen stab sue sum up (phr v) swear taser terrorism terrorist testimony theft thief thieve thieving trace (n + v) trap (n + v) truth(ful)(ly) under oath (un)lawful vary verdict version victim victimization victimize warden warder warn(ing) willingful(ly) witness wrangling (n)
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