B2/C1 Vocabulary: House and Home

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adjoining room affluent affordable air-conditioning airing cupboard alcove ambient lighting appliances arch(way) basement bathroom suite beam blinds block of flats brand new breakfast room build on (phr v) bulb bungalow bunk bed cavity wall central heating chest of drawers chimney stack chintz chores clean up (phr v) conservatory cot cottage cradle curtain rail dado rail deadlock decking decorative deposit (n) dishwasher do it yourself (D.I.Y.) doorknob do the dishes double-glazed window double-glazing do up (phr v) drop in (phr v) dryer drying rack dust (n + v) duster dwell(er) dwelling en-suite estate agent evict(ion) extension

faded farmhouse feel at home fire grate fireguard fireplace fitted kitchen fittings fixtures flat frame free-standing gazebo grout(ing) hallway hanging (n) high chair hob home improvement homesick home sweet home house-warming party household housework intelligent home intercom kitchen-diner lampshade landing landlady landlord latest model laundry room lay the table lease let(v) lintel lock up (phr v) make yourself at home mantle piece mop (n + v) mortgage moulding move in (phr v) move out (phr v) night storage open house open-plan outhouse

pane parquet pebble-dash penthouse playroom plinth plughole plumbing pop round/over (phr v) property radiator real estate refurbish rent repair repossess retirement home rocking chair roofing run down (adj) seal(ed) secondhand sell up (phr v) (semi-)detached settee shed skirting board socket spice rack spotlight spring cleaning squat(ter) stepladder storage study (n) sweep TV dinner take out (phr v) tenancy tenant tenement terrace(d) terracotta three-piece suite throw out (phr v) tidy up (phr v) tiled trunk utility room vacuum cleaner ventilation wallpaper wicker window ledge windowsill worn (out) (adj)

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