B2/C1 Vocabulary: Funny Business

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absurd a gas alternative amazing amused amusement (park) amusing anecdotal anecdote appeal to audience banter bawdy below the belt beyond the pale black comedy blatant blown away (phr v) break the ice buffoon build up (n + v) burst out laughing call out (phr v) can't contain yourself carefree cartoon censor censorship chuckle circus come back to (phr v) comedian comedy comic comical comic timing compliment crack up (phr v) daft deadpan delivery depressive double act dry duo excited exciting facetious fall guy fan base farce farcical festival following (n) freaky full on (adj) fun(ny)

gag get it ('a joke') get to the point giggle groan heckle(r) hesitant hesitate hilarious hit the big time hoax hysterical icebreaker immature imply impromptu improvisation improvise in bad taste infer irreverent jape joker juvenile kidding kid on (phr v) light-hearted mainstream make fun of manic mess around/about (phr v) mime mimic mocking monkey around/about (phr v) musical no holds barred no laughing matter offensive off-limits one-liner one-off parody pick on (phr v) play around/about (phr v) poke fun at politically (in)correct practical joke prank pretend prime time prompt pun punchline

ratings read between the lines reiterate rhyme rhythm ridicule ridiculous routine sarcasm sarcastic satire screwball script sense of humour series/serial shaggy dog story sick silly sinister sitcom slapstick smirk sophisticated split your sides spontaneous spoof stage stand up (adj) stardom stereotype strange stunt subtle surreal surrealism surrealist suspect (adj + v) suspicious taboo take it the wrong way take the mickey pulling your leg thrilled thrilling tie in with (phr v) tie up (phr v) trick twisted unexpected wacky weird wind up (phr v) wisecrack wit witty

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