Advanced Vocabulary: Food and Drink

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allergic allergy anchovy aperitif appetizer appetite apricot artichoke aubergine bake baking powder bean sprouts beef beetroot  beverage bite (n + v) bitter bland blend (n + v) blender boil (v) booking (n) brownie brown sugar brunch Brussels sprouts buffet bunch canapé carbohydrate carbs casserole caster sugar celery celiac chef's special chili (powder)  chilled chippy chips chopped chops (n) chopstick clam clove condiment cook (n) cooker cork (v) corked corned beef cornflour cottage cheese courgette crepe crisps crust cuisine cupcake cutlery date deep fried dessert dig in (phr v) dish dressing dried fruit eat in (phr v) elevenses feast fig filling (n + adj.) finger food fizzy drink freeze-dried freezer fresh(ly) front of house full full-fat

gastronomy ginger gluten (free) go bad go off (phr v) grate(d) gravy grease greasy grill (n + v) grind ground (adj.) hazelnut helping (n) herbs herring hob home-grown hotpot hummus hunger icing sugar jam jar (of) joint kidneys lean leek liver loaf locally-sourced lolly pop low-calorie mackerel main course marmalade (medium) rare melt (n + v) mussel mustard napkin nibble (n + v) non-alcoholic noodles of the day of the season organic oven over/under ripe pancake pastry pasty (n) pate peckish picky (eater) pie plaice plate (v) pots and pans prawn (cocktail) pre-cooked preservative protein pudding punnet puree

radish ribs rotten runner beans (saturated) fat saucepan saucer seasoning self-raising flour (semi-)skimmed serve serviette serving (n) shallow-fried sharp short (n) shot (n) shrimp simmer sizzling skin snack (n + v) soft drink sole sour sour cream sparkling mineral water speciality spices sponge (cake) stand starving still mineral water stock (cube) sultana sun dried sweet (n + adj.) sweetcorn sweetener table cloth takeaway tart (n + adj.) tea break tea towel tin(ned) today's special tongs trout tub tuck in (phr v) turnip TV dinner under/overcooked under/overdone veal vegan vegetarian waiter waitress walnut wedges whipping cream whisk (n + v) yum(my)
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