Advanced Vocabulary: Fame and Celebrity

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adoration adore affair airtime alcohol alcoholic alcoholism ambassador anticipate  applaud applause appreciate appreciation appreciative arrogance arrogant artificial attention seeker autograph award (n + v) award-winning awe-inspiring awesome backstage bear a resemblance to be knighted be signed up best-seller bomb (v) box-office hit boy band calm the nerves camp out (phr v) captivating casting catwalk celebrity centrefold centre stage charisma(tic) charlatan chatter cheer (v) comeback tour contrite controversial controversy court the press cover girl darling dearly-loved dearly-missed despise(d) devastated diamond discovery dream come true eccentric egotistical elite elitism elitist exclusive extravagance extravagant extrovert

 faint fairytale fame fan club fanzine fashion fashion (model) fashionable feet on the ground film star five minutes of fame flash in the pan forget your lines forgiveness full of yourself funeral cortege game show genius genuine girl band God's gift to gossip (n + v) Grammy greed grotesque groupie(s) guru hairdo hall of fame harass(ment) harassed heartbreak heartbroken heartthrob hedonism hedonist hero heroine honours roll household name hype (n + v) hype up (phr v) hysteria hysterical icon iconic image-conscious imitate inspiration(al) inspire interview invent(or) invention knighthood lavish let down (phr v) life-long lifestyle live it up (phr v) live performance lookalike lovesick love to hate make a comeback make or break make your mark make your name manufactured marketing medal mega-rich merchandise merchandising merit model model yourself on (phr v) MTV Awards

nerves network Nobel Prize notoriety notorious obsess obsession obsessive on drugs on the back of one-hit wonder Oscar outfit paparazzi pass out (phr v) patron(age) phenomenal phenomenon platinum play up to (phr v) populist privacy prodigious prodigy reality show recognition recognized record label rendition rise and fall rivalry rock 'n' roll romance rumour one-hit wonder scandal scandalous scream sell out (n) sell out (phr v) sensation(al) sex symbol shamed sign (v) sign a deal social media speculate speculation spellbound spitting image of split up (phr v) sponsor sponsorship starlet state funeral stylish surpass swoon tabloid talent(ed) talent contest talent show teen(y) thrill (n + v) thrilled thrilling tour (n + v) tragedy tragic up-and-coming vote (n + v) wild worship worst nightmare

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