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acid rain atmosphere biodegradable biodiversity biofuel biosphere carbon carbon dioxide carbon monoxide catastrophe catastrophic chop down cut down climate climatic coastal combat contaminant contaminate contamination crop crud crude oil cultivate cultivation debris deforestation destroy destruction destructive die out dirt disappear disaster(ous) drought dump dumping dust earthquake ecological ecosystem eco-warrior effluent emission emit endangered energy energy source energy-efficient environment(al) environmentalist erode erosion evolution evolve exhaust (v) extinct extinction

factory famine farmland fertile fertilizer fumes genetic genetically modified (GM) geology geological geologist global warming greenhouse effect greenhouse gases habitat harm(ful) haze heatwave indigenous industrial industrial waste industry ingest jungle leak(age) logging marine life maritime menace methane natural gas nature reserve nitrate noxious nuclear nuclear energy nuclear reactor oil slick oil tanker oxygen ozone (layer) petrochemical poison poisonous polar pollute pollution power station precipitation preserve preservation prevention protect protection protective radiation radioactive rainforest recycle

sea level sewage sludge soil solvent starvation surface swamp threat threaten tide tidal (wave) timber toxic waste trawler tsunami unleaded untreated urbanization waste waste paper wind energy wind farm woodland

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