B2/C1 Vocabulary: Creativity and Invention

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3D abandon(v) abstract accumulation adapt(ation) adjust(ment) applaud(ed) appropriate (adj) artistic arts award (n + v) aware(ness) back against the wall backer bureaucracy blueprint borrowed brand new bridge the gap budget carry out (phr v) collaborative come across (phr v) compete competition competitive compromise (n + v) concentration copyright costing craft(sman) critical dawn on (phr v) dedication design(er) designate (dis)advantage drawing board draw upon employ enable experienced experiment(n + v) expertise exquisite failure feedback fierce (competition) financing flash flaw focus follow up (phr v) frenetic fund (n + v) funding

gadget genius genre get off the ground get the go ahead grant (n) headset hologram holographic hypothesis hypothesize imagination imaginative improbable improvement improvisation improvise inferior infringement innovate innovation innovative inspiration inspired judge (n + v) lack (n + v) lacking launch luxury make do with (phr v) make up for (phr v) maquete marketing mind map modification modify multi-layered niche novel (adj) on loan out of the blue overlook panel pass up (phr v) patent patronage perceive perception phase plagiarise plagiarism practicality precision pressurize probability problematic process prolific unconscious promotion proposal prototype pure chance

red tape registered rejection repay rethink rip off (n + v) run out of scientific script sell like hot cakes sequence setback shelve (v) shot in the dark sketch (n + v) solve spin off (n) stage store (n + v) strategy structure stylistic succeed success(ful) superior support (n + v) take by storm take into consideration take over from (phr v) take to the cleaners take up (phr v) technical(ly) technical hitch technique technology technological(ly) theoretical(ly) theorize theory time frame toy around with trademark tweak (n + v) ultimatum unlikely unprecedented unworkable variable visionary warehouse well-received working model

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