B2/C1 Vocabulary: Communication

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accent activist ad(vert)(ise)(ment) admin advertise agency anchor anecdotal anecdote announce announcement arbitration argument(ative) at cross purposes audience author babble banter (n + v) banner belligerent bias bigmouth billboard blag(ger) blog blogger bold breaking news broadcast broadsheet campaign caption catchup (phr v) catchy censor(ship) chat(ter) circular (n) claim (v) co-ordinate come to the piont communicate communication communicative community context(ual)(ise) conversive copyright counterargument debate description deviate dialect disagreement disc jockey (D.J.) documentary draft (copy) e:mail edit(or)(ial) emission emit envoy examine exclusive express(ion) face-to-face feed (n) feedback fly post font freelance free speech get back to (phr v) get in touch (ph rv) get the message out/across get your wires crossed go off on one gossip (n + v) go viral

headline hesitate in-house insult (n + v) interpretor ironic irony italic journalism journalist keep in touch layered (meaning) lecture liaison linguist listeners lose contact make a point manipulate manipulation meeting megaphone mention messenger microphone misconstrue misinterpret (mis)quote (mis)spelling monotonous mouth music mutter network (n + v) news desk off-air on-air online outsource outspoken paragraph pay-per-view plagarise plagarism play Devil's advocate podcast point of view polyglot pop up (n) post (n + v) poster pour over (phr v) (P.R.)consultant press pressure group producer production pronounce pronunciation proofread propaganda publication publicity publicize public relations (P.R.) punctuation

quarrel quotation rant (n + v) re-iterate read up on (phr v) report(er) report (v) row (n + v) sarcasm sarcastic scan scream (self-)publish seminar shout silent treatment simultaneous skim slogan small talk snail mail source spam spat (n) spin(n) spokesperson spread it around/about stammer strapline stutter subscribe subscription subtext tabloid text (n + v) tiff transcript tutor(ial) tweet typeface typo ('error') undercover underline underscore update (n + v) (video) conference voice recorder webinar whisper wit(ty) workshop

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