Advanced Vocabulary: Clothing, Accessories and Appearance

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5 o'clock shadow acrylic afro   airing cupboard anorak armband back comb backpack baggy bald(ing) ball gown bandana bangle bangs barbell baseball cap bathing costume beard beauty spot bedsheets bikini birthmark black-tie (adj) blanket blond blonde blouse bodice bow tie boxer shorts bra(ssiere) bracelet braces braids breeches briefs brow   brim brunette buckle bun    burka buttonhole cap and gown cardigan cheekbone chiffon chinos clothes rack collar contact lens corset crease (n + v) creased crew cut cuff   cufflink curlers curls daps   dark (-skinned) darn (v) depilate depilation designer (adj) do up (phr v) done up (adj) drainpipes dreadlocks dress down (phr v) dressing gown dress to impress  dress up (phr v) duffle coat duvet
earring elastic(ated) extra large (XL) eyeliner eyeshadow  fabric false eyelashes fasten flannel flares flaw(ed) floppy (hat) foundation frills frilly fringe fur coat garter glossy goatee go well (with/together) groom(ing) hairbrush hair clip hairdryer hairpiece handbag helmet hem    henna high heels hijab holdall hood inside-out insole ironing board jersey jodhpurs jumper kilt   kit    knee-length knickers label laces ladder latex layers leather leggings lip gloss lipstick long johns loose loosen made to measure make up (n + phr v) manbag mascara mismatch Mohawk Mohican mole   morning suit moustache matching nail varnish neat   needle and thread niqab nylon outfit overcoat pale(-skinned) parka parting pattern perm piercing pigtails pillow pillow case plait (n + v) platforms pocket watch polyester ponytail pop socks print profile pullover put on (phr v)
receding hairline redhead revealing rucksack sandals scar (n) scarf scruffy seam   seconds sew    sewn   shabby shaved shoe rack short back and sides short-sleeved shoulder-length sideburns silk   skintight skullcap slim-fit smoking jacket spandex spectacles stitch (n + v) stitching stockings straighten strap striking stunning suede Sunday best suspenders sweater sweatshirt swimsuit tailcoat tailored take off (phr v) tan (n + v) tanga tanning salon tattoo throw on (phr v) throw together tie up (phr v) tights toecap tongs top hat toupee trainers transparent tread (n) trilby trunks turn heads tuxedo underpants underwear undo (phr v) undone (adj) uniform veil   vest   waistcoat washing basket waxing weave wedding dress wig    wool(en) woven wrap up (phr v) wristwatch Y-fronts zip   
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