Celebration and Special Occasions A-Z

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agenda all-nighter anniversary annual(ly) anthem anticipate anticipation aperitif April Fool's Day around the clock Auld Lang Syne bank holiday baptism barbecue barn dance bash (n) bauble best man binge (drinking) birthday bless(ing) bonfire bouncy castle bouquet bridesmaid build up (n + phr v) bunting candle carnival carnival float carnival queen celebrate chant cheer christening Christmas club(bing) cocktail come together commemorate commemoration commence confetti costume crib crowd(ed) culmination cultural culture cupcake custom(ary) dad dancing Dirwali disc jockey (D.J.) disco(theque) dress up (phr v)

Easter elaborate (adj) embrace (n + v) engagement euphoria event excitement facilities fair fancy dress fast (n + v) feast feast day fest festival festive festivity finger food fireworks flirt(v) float (n) fortnight fortune from dusk to dawn funeral garland get together give someone the bumps glitter glitz(y) god(dess) go on a bender guest Halloween harvest hen night high heels Holy Week host house-warming hug Hurray! Hurrah! inauguration into the early hours karaoke kilt launch (party) lead up to (phr v) Lent line dance line the way line-up (n) link arms local produce look forward to marquee marriage mass hysteria master of ceremonies (M.C.) meet up (phr v) meticulous Mexican wave midnight mass miniskirt

nativity (scene) New Year's Eve nightclub non-stop offering order of service over-the-top P.A. system paint the town red parade party-goer patriotism performance performer popper portaloo premier pride procession programme proud pub crawl public address (P.A.) system public holiday Puch and Judy show queue raffle Ramadan rave reenact reveller rite ritual saint's day salsa samba season service (n) shrine sleepover solstice sparkler spectacle spectacular speech stage stag night stall streamer stunning superstition superstitious symbolic Thanksgiving theatre tinsel tombola troupe wake wedding wild wreath Xmas Yom Kippur zumba

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