Vocabulary and Past Mixed Modals Practice


What word connects pictures A-F below?


1. Look at sentences 1-5 below or click ‘Answer’ to see what word connects the pictures.
  • Answer
The word is: tip

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3. Now match sentences 1-5 to pictures A-F.
  • Answer
1=A, 2=D, 3=F, 4=B, 5=E, 6=C
4. Choose the correct option to complete sentences 1-8.

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5. Answer the following questions with a classmate, or if you’re working alone, on the interactive board at the bottom of the page:

A) Do you give/leave a tip when you go for a drink or something to eat?

B) Is tipping expected at cafes, bars or restaurants in your country? If so, how much is the usual amount to tip?

C) Have you ever tipped something over or had something tipped on you? What happened?

D) Do you have any handy/useful tips you can share? Who gave you the tip and how did it help you?

E) Are you clean and tidy or is your living space a bit of a tip?

F) Have you ever taken anything to a rubbish tip? How do people get rid of big pieces of rubbish where you live?

Language Focus: Mixed Modals Practice

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3. Now answer the following questions:

A) Have you ever been sure something must’ve been true, only to discover it wasn’t?

B) And the opposite way round, that it couldn’t have been the case, but turned out to be true?

C) Do you think it’s okay to tell someone they should’ve done something differently, or is it too late once the situation has passed?

D) Have you ever said something to someone when it might’ve been better to keep quiet?

E) And the reverse again, that you didn’t say something when it could’ve been the right thing to do?