Mind Your Language!


The expression "Mind your language!" is used to tell someone they have used potentially offensive language and to stop doing it. With the same meaning, we can also say, "Watch your language!", "Watch your 'Ps' and 'Qs'!" and "Watch your tongue!".
"Mind Your Language" was also a UK TV comedy from the late 70s about a class of foreign students of different nationalities learning English.
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Definition - Mind: Grammar use


1. Lots of communication problems (and humour!) can occur because of misunderstandings. Watch the video and see how many examples of this you can find.
  • Answer to Listening 1.
  • Giovanni mistakes the word 'shopping' for 'Chopin'.
  • Ana answers the question, "What's this?" by saying, "Paper bag." when the teacher wanted to know the name of the product in the bag.
  • She also confuses the meaning of the word 'flour' with 'flower' as the pronunciation of both words is the same.
  • Jamila hears the word 'carrot' and mistaking the sound for 'cart' says, "horse and cart".
  • The teacher stops Ali from making a comment on 'fish fingers' because he anticipates that he is going to say that fish don't have fingers.
  • Juan says "cow juice" instead of 'milk' after Giovanni says "lime juice" .
  • He also answers the question, "Do you know where we get milk from?" saying, "The milkman." instead of saying 'cows'.
  • Ranjid hears the word 'oats' and says his colleague told him the night before, "he'd had his oats" which is a euphemism for sex.
  • When asked, "Where does bacon come from?" Juan again says, "From the milkman" instead of saying 'pigs'.
  • When Giovanni corrects Juan saying "Pig, pig." Juan thinks Giovanni is insulting him.
  • When asked what a pig is called after it has been killed, Ali says "A dead pig." instead of 'pork'.

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