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The Natural World / Environment

air animal autumn beach bear bee bird bottle bank branch bush butterfly cave cliff climate climate change coast continent country countryside desert dolphin donkey duck earth east elephant environment environmental explore(r) fall (AmEng) farmland field fire fish flood flower forest freeze frog fur gas (AmEng) giraffe grass grow hill hot ice island jungle kangaroo lake land leaf lion litter monkey moon mosquito mountain mouse/mice nature north parrot penguin petrol (BrEng) planet plant pollution pollution public transport rabbit rainforest range recycle recycled recycling river rock rubbish (bin) sand scenery sea shark sky south space spring star stone summer sun sunrise sunset sunshine tiger traffic jam tree valley water waterfall waves west wild wildlife winter wood wool world zebra


a.m. / p.m. afternoon appointment autumn birthday century clock daily date day diary evening half (past) holidays hour January - December meeting midnight minute moment Monday - Sunday month monthly morning night noon o'clock past quarter (past / to) second spring summer time today tomorrow tonight week weekday weekend weekly winter working hours year yesterday

Travel and Transport

abroad accommodation (aero) / (air)plane airline airport ambulance announcement arrival arrive at sea backpack backpacker backpacking bag baggage bicycle / bike board (v) boarding pass boat border bridge brochure bus bus station bus stop by air by land by rail by road by sea cab cabin canal capital city car car alarm car park case catch (v) change (v) charter check in (v) check-in (n) check out (v) coach confirm country crossing crossroads currency customs cycle (n & v) cyclist delay delayed deliver depart departure destination direction document(s) dollar double room drive(r) driving licence driver's licence due duty free embassy euro exchange rate facilities far fare ferry flight fly foreign fuel garage gas gas station (Am Eng) gate guest guide guidebook handlebars harbour helicopter hitchhike hotel immigration jet journey land (v) leave left light lorry luggage machine map mechanic mirror miss motorbike motorway move nationality on board on business on foot on holiday on time on vacation oil operator overnight park (v) parking lot parking space passenger passport path petrol petrol station pilot platform public transport railroad railway reception repair (v) reservation reserve return (n & v) ride road sign roundabout route sail (v) scooter (bus) service ship sightseeing signpost single room speed subway suitcase take off (phr v) taxi tour (n & v) tour guide tourist tourist information centre traffic traffic jam traffic lights train tram translate translation travel trip tunnel tyre / tire underground (train) vehicle visa visit(or) waiting room way wheel window windscreen


blow breeze centigrade cloud cloudy cold cool degrees dry fog foggy forecast freezing frozen gale get wet heat hot humid ice icy lightning mild rain shower snow snowfall storm sun sunny sunshine temperature thunder(storm) warm weather wet wind windy

Work and Jobs

actor actress application apply architect army artist assistant athlete babysitter banker boss break (n) businessman businesswoman butcher cameraman candidate canteen captain career chef chemist cleaner colleague company computer (computer)programmer conference contract cook crew customs officer CV dancer dentist department designer desk detective diary diploma director diver doctor earn email employ (v) employee employer employment engineer explorer factory farm farmer filmmaker filmstar fireman footballer football player fulltime goalkeeper guard guest guide hairdresser housewife housework instructions instructor job journalist judge king laboratory lawyer lecturer letter librarian manager mechanic meeting message model musician novelist nurse occupation office officer (e.g. prison/police) out of work owner painter part time photographer pilot player poet policeman police officer policewoman politician porter postman president profession professional professor publisher qualification queen quit receptionist reporter retire retirement sailor salary sales assistant salesman saleswoman scientist secretary security guard shop assistant shopper singer soldier staff student taxi driver teacher tennis tour guide trade travel agent unemployed uniform wage(s) waiter / waitress work worker