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Personal feelings and Opinions (Adjectives)

able afraid alone amazed amazing amusing angry annoyed anxious ashamed awful bad beautiful better bored boring bossy brave brilliant busy calm careful challenging charming cheerful clear clever confident confused confusing cool crazy cruel curious cute delighted depressed different difficult disappointed disappointing easy embarrassed embarrassing excellent excited exciting famous fantastic favourite fine fit fond free friendly frightened funny generous gentle glad good great guilty happy hard healthy heavy high hungry important intelligent interested interesting jealous keen kind lazy lovely lucky mad married miserable modern negative nervous nice noisy normal old old-fashioned ordinary original patient personal pleasant poor positive pretty quick quiet ready real realistic reasonable relaxed reliable rich right rude sad satisfied serious slim slow small smart soft sorry special strange strong stupid sure surprised sweet tall terrible tired true typical unable unhappy unusual useful well wonderful worried wrong young

Places: Buidlings

airport apartment block apartment building bank bookshop bookstore building bus station cafe/café cafeteria castle cinema clinic club college cottage department disco elevator entrance exit factory flat gallery garage grocery store guest-house hospital hotel house library lift museum office palace police station post office prison railway station ruin school shop shopping centre sports centre stadium store supermarket swimming pool theatre tourist information centre tower university

Places: Town, City and Countryside

area bay beach booking office bridge bus stop campsite canal car park cash machine cashpoint city centre cliff corner crossing crossroads desert earth farm field forest fountain harbour hill island lake land market monument motorway mountain ocean park path pavement petrol station place playground population port railway rainforest region river road rock roundabout route sand scenery sea seaside signpost sky square station stream street subway town tunnel turning underground valley village waterfall wood zoo


ad advert advertise advertisement bargain bill book buy cash cent change cheap cheque choose close(v) closed collect complain consumer cost (n & v) credit card customer damaged dear department store deposit discount dollar euro exchange expensive for sale hire inexpensive label logo luxury money open order pay (for) penny pound price product reasonable receipt reduce reduced rent reserve return save second-hand sell service shop shop assistant shopper shopping shut special offer spend supermarket try on


athlete athletics badminton ball baseball basketball bat bathing beach bicycle bike boat boxing catch (v) champion championship changing room climb (v) climbing club coach (n) compete competition competitor contest costume court cricket cycling cyclist dancing diving enter (a competition) extreme sports fishing fitness football football player game goal goalkeeper golf gym gymnastics helmet high jump hit (v) hockey horse-riding ice hockey ice skating instructor jogging join in kick (v) kit league locker(room) long jump luck match member motor-racing play (v) player point(s) practice (n) practise (v) prize race race track racing racket reserve (n) rest (n & v) ride (n & v) rider riding rugby run (n & v) running sail (n & v) sailing score sea season shoot(ing) shorts skateboard skating skiing snowboard snowboarding soccer sport(s) sports centre (sports) facilities suit surf surfboard surfboarding surfing swim swimming swimming costume swimming pool swimsuit table tennis take part team tennis tennis player throw(v) ticket tired track tracksuit train(ing) trainer(s) versus / v volleyball walk (v) watch (v) water skiing win workout yoga