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Food and Drink

apple bake(v) banana barbecue (n & v) bean biscuit bitter (adj) boil (v) boiled bottle bowl (see A2 list) box bread break breakfast broccoli bunch (of bananas) burger butter cabbage cafe/café cafeteria cake can(of beans) candy canteen carrot cereal cheese chef chicken chili chips chocolate coconut coffee cola cook(n & v) cooker cookie corn cream cucumber cup curry cut (v) delicious dessert diet dinner dish drink duck eat egg (see A2 list) fish flavour flour food fork French fries fresh fridge fried fruit fruit juice fry frying pan garlic glass grape grill(n & v) grilled herbs honey hot hungry ice ice cream ingredients jam jug juice kitchen knife lamb lemon lemonade lettuce lunch main course meal meat melon menu microwave (n) milk mineral water mushroom oil (see A2 list) omelette onion orange pan pasta (see A2 list) pea peach peanut pear pepper picnic pie piece (of cake) pineapple pizza plate potato recipe refreshments rice roast(v & adj) roll salad salmon salt sandwich sauce (see A2 list) saucepan saucer sausage slice (n) snack soft drink soup sour spicy spinach spoon steak strawberry sugar sweet(adj & n) takeaway taste tasty tea thirsty toast tomato tuna turkey utensil vegetable (see A2 list) vegetarian waiter waitress wash up (see A2 list) yog(h)urt

Health, Medicine and Exercise

accident ache ambulance ankle appointment arm aspirin baby bandage bleed (v) blood (n) body bone brain break breath breathe check chemist chin clean cold (n) comb cough (n & v) cut damage danger dangerous dead dentist die diet doctor down ear earache emergency exercise eye face fall feel better/ill/sick fever finger fit flu foot get better/worse go jogging gym gymnastics hair hand head headache health hear (v) heart heel hospital hurt ill illness injure keep fit knee leg lie medicine nose nurse operate operation pain painful patient (n) pharmacy pill prescription problem recover rest (n & v) run shoulder sick skin soap sore throat stomach stomach ache stress swim tablet take exercise temperature thumb tired toes tooth toothache toothbrush walk well(adj)

Hobbies and Leisure

barbecue beach bicycle bike camera camp camping campsite CD (player) chess club collect(or) collection computer cruise dance dancing doll draw drawing DVD (player) facilities fan festival fiction gallery go out guitar hang out (phr v) hire hobby holidays jogging join in (phr v) keen on keep fit magazine member(ship) model museum music musician nightlife opening hours paint painting park party photograph picnic playground quiz sculpture sightseeing slide sunbathe tent

House and Home

accommodation address air conditioning alarm clock antique apartment armchair balcony basin bath(tub) bathroom bed bedroom bell bin blanket blind block bookcase bookshelf bowl box brush bucket bulb candle carpet ceiling cellar central heating chair channel(with TV) chest of drawers clock (clothes) line computer cooker cottage cupboard curtain cushion desk digital(adj) dining room dish dishwasher door downstairs drawer dustbin duvet DVD (player) electric(al) entrance fan (fire/car) alarm flat flatmate floor freezer fridge frying pan furniture garage garden gas gate grill ground (floor) hall handle heat(v) heater heating hi-fi home house housewife housework iron jug kettle key kitchen ladder lamp laptop (computer) lift light living-room lock microwave (n) mirror mug neighbour (notice) board oil oven pan path pillow pipe plant plug plugin property radio refrigerator remote control rent repair roof room roommate rubbish safe (adj) seat sheet shelf (pl. shelves) shower sink sitting room sofa stairs stay (v) step surround switch table tap telephone television toilet towel tower toy TV (screen/set) upstairs(adv) vase video wall washing machine window


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