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Accessories, Clothes and Colours

accessory backpack bag    belt   black blouse   blue   boot   bracelet brown   button cap chain clothes coat colour (AmE color) collar costume cotton dark/light/pale dress earring fashion fasten fit(v) fold(v) glasses glove go (with/together) gold golden green grey handbag handkerchief hat jacket jeans jewellery/jewelry jumper kit knit label laundry leather make-up match (v) material necklace old-fashioned orange pants pattern perfume pink plastic pocket pullover purple purse put on (phr v) raincoat red ring sandal scarf shirt shoe shorts silk silver size skirt sleeve(less) socks stripe suit sunglasses sweater sweatshirt sweatshirt swimming swimsuit T-shirt takeoff tie tights tracksuit trainers trousers try on (phr v) umbrella underpants underwear undress uniform wallet watch wear (out) wool(len) white yellow

Celebrations and Festivals

anniversary annual anthem April Fool's bank holiday birthday bride bridesmaid celebrate celebration ceremony Christmas costume countdown crowd custom day out decorate decorations delicacies dresscode dress up (phr v) Easter eve event fancy dress feast festival fireworks flag gather (together) gathering greet groom guests Halloween host (n + v) local marriage meet up (phr v) national New Year parade patron (saint) present (n + v) procession public holiday queue (n + v) regional ritual schedule speech stall (n) stand (n) symbol Thanksgiving toast (v) tradition Valentine'sDay wedding

Communication and Technology

access address at/@ blog blogger by post calculator call (v) call back (phr v) CD (player) CD-Rom chat chatroom click (v) clip (n) communicate communication computer connect connection delete dial dial up digital digital camera disc/disk dot download (n & v) drag DVD (player) electronic(s) email engaged enter envelope equipment fax file hang up (phr v) hardware headline homepage install internet invent invention IT keyboard laptop (computer) machine message mobile phone mouse mouse mat MP3 player net online operator parcel password PC phone photograph photography postcard print printer program(me) reply ring ring up (phr v) scroll (v) screen SD card selfie server software switch off (phr v) switch on (phr v) tablet talk technology telephone text (message) turn off (phr v) turn on (phr v) upload video volume web webcam web page website


absent advanced arithmetic art beginner bell biology blackboard board book bookshelf break (time) break up (phr v) certificate chemistry class classroom clever coach college composition course curriculum degree desk dictionary diploma drama economics education elementary essay exam geography handwriting history homework information instructions instructor intermediate IT know laboratory (lab) language learn lesson level library mark math(s) mathematics music nature studies note notice board pencil case photography physics practice (n) practise (v) primary school project (n) pupil qualification read register remember rubber ruler school science secondary school student studies study (v) subject teach teacher technology term test text university

Entertainment and Media

act (v) action actor actress ad admission adventure advert advertisement art article audience ballet band board game book camera card cartoon CD (player) CD-Rom celebrity channel chat chess cinema circus classical music comedy comic competition concert dance dancer disc disco display DJ / discjockey documentary drama draw drawing DVD (player) enjoy entertain entertainment entrance exhibition exit fair festival film (BrEng) filmmaker film star fireworks folk music fun funny go out (phr v) group guitar guitarist headline hero heroine hip hop hit (song) horror instrument interval interview(er) jazz music journalist keyboard laugh listen to look at magazine magic media MP3 player movie (AmEng) museum music musician news article newspaper opera orchestra paint painter perform performance performer play (n) poem pop music program(me) quiz recording review rock music romantic row scene screen series show soap (opera) stage star studio talk show television thriller video viral