Such a Long Time


Is 5 years ago a long time ago for you?
What about 20 or 40 years ago?
Do you think music from the past was better or worse than it is today?
How many famous singers or groups (apart from Elvis Presley!!) can you name from half a century ago?

1. As you listen to the 4 song clips below, decide what decade the songs are from. Then click “Answer” below to see.
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1. 1950s (1957), 2. 1970s (1979), 3. 1960s (1965), 4. 1970s (1972)

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4. What do you notice about the words in the spaces from exercise 3.?

After ‘so’ we use _______ and after ‘such’ ______.

When you think you know, click on ‘Answer’.
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After ‘so’ we use adjectives and after ‘such’ nouns.

Both ‘so’ and ‘such’ are often accompanied by a result: “He was so strong, (that) no-one wanted to fight him.” As you can see, the word “that” is optional and not necessary.

Notice also: This use of ‘so’ and ‘such’ is emphatic – in this sense, the words mean ‘very, very’.

‘such’ is often followed by the articles ‘a’ or ‘an’, + adjective + noun.

We can leave out the adjective: “It’a such a pain living so far from any shops.”

‘such’ is also used without the article if the noun is uncountable: “It was such bad news, she couldn’t say a word.”
5. Now look at the sentence below and choose the correct option to complete the space. When you finish, click ‘Next’. There are 6 sentences.

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6. Create your own sentences with ‘so and ‘such’ on the board below.