Accidental Preview

    With this story, you get…

  • …clear labels to help you navigate.
  • …a quick summary from the last part of the story.
  • …nice, short paragraphs.
  • …comprehension questions to check you understand the story.
  • …language focus for each part with interactive exercises: -Like + to/-ing, Want to, Would like to -‘to’ – giving the *purpose of an action (*answering ‘why?’ or ‘What for?’) -Past Simple / Continuous -Can, Can’t / Could, Couldn’t -Prepositions of Place and Movement
  • …clear explanations with examples to help you complete the exercises.
  • …labelled images for interactive exercises.
  • …an interactive homework board for each part where you can write or upload an mp3.
  • …and an audio player so you can listen to each part.
  • …fun puzzles to make learning enjoyable.

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