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What is a collocation? When two or more words often go together, we say they collocate or that the combination of words is a collocation. This is different from a phrase, where all the words work together to create one meaning often with grammar rules involved in their construction. With collocations, several different meanings can be made, depending on what words are put with another word. Take "light" for example. We can say "light rain", "light weight" "bright light" and "torch light" to name a few of the many possibilities. There are no rules for forming collocations, but to a native speaker they sound natural. As you build a vocabulary bank of collocations, it will help you to get a feel for how we use English. Look at the words in bold above. Are they collocations like the examples with 'light' or phrases? Click 'Answer' below when you've decided.
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go together‘ is a phrasal verb.

native speaker‘ is a collocation.

to get a feel for‘ is a phrase.

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