I’ve Had Enough! This is All Too Much!


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Use of 'Too' and 'Enough'

Look at the sentences from the last exercise.
What do you notice about the meaning of the words ‘too’ and ‘enough’ in these sentences.
How do we make sentences with ‘too’ and ‘enough’ to express this meaning?
  • Answer
In these sentences, ‘too’ and ‘enough’ both show there is not the correct quantity or quality of something.

‘too’ means there is more than we want. ‘(not) enough’ means there is less than we want.

Form of ‘too’
  • too + adjective: “My internet connection’s too slow.”
  • too + quantifier + noun: “I have too little time.”
Form of ‘enough’
  • not + adjective + enough: “It’s not warm enough”
  • not + enough + noun: “I haven’t got enough time”

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Have you ever made any of these complaints? (Definition opens on new page.)
Which ones do you think are the most/least valid?
Are there any other complaints you make with ‘too’ or ‘not enough’?

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