Learning Vocabulary: Animals – Dogs

Look at the following A-Z list of words and expressions related to dogs. Boring? I think so. How could we re-organize the list to be more interesting and aid memory?

Abandoned Adoption Affectionate Aggressive Agile Awareness
Bark Behaviour Biscuit Bone Breed Breeder
Canine Care Castration Chew Chip Claws Coat Collar Command Competition Confinement Cruelty
Dangerous Defense Devotion Diet Discipline Disease Disobedient Dominant
Effective Endurance Entertainment Escape Exercise
Fang Fetch Fidelity Fitness Fleas Food Four-legged friend Friendly Fur
Games Gnaw Greeting Grooming Growl Guard Guide dog
Handling Harness Healthy Heel Herd Hide Hind quarters Housebreaking Howl Hurt
Incentive Indoors Infection Injury Instinct Intelligence Intrude Intuition
Jerk Jog Joint Judge
Kennel Kindness
Lead Learning Leash Leftovers Life-span Litter Loving Loyalty Lunge
Marking Mate Maturity Menace Microchip Misbehaviour Mistreat Mixed breed Mongrel Mutt Muzzle
Nature Neuter Nutrient Nutrition
Obedient Odour Orders Outdoors Overdo
Pack animal Pant Panting Parasite Pat Patient Paw Pedigree Pet Playful Practise Pounce Puppy
Quick Quiet
Rabid Rabies Registration Relationship Rescue Respect Responsibility Retrieve Reward Routine Run
Safety Scent Sedate Senses Sensitivity Shelter Sit Snarl Stray Stroke Submissive
Temperament Tendency Territorial Threaten Tick Tolerance Toys Training Treatment Trouble
Undercoat Understanding Unusual
Vaccination Variety Veterinarian Vicious
Wag Walk Water Weight Welfare Whine Whiskers
Yank Yelp
Give us your opinion on vocabulary using the board below.