Vocabulary: House – Bathroom


1.Look at the picture below and decide what the words are for A-L.
2. Click on A-L to listen and check.


Click “Start” to reload.

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3. Draw your bathroom and label 12 things A-L.
Create exercises 2 and 3 above to test your classmates or yourself.
4. Click on the picture to do a crossword puzzle. (Puzzle opens on new page.)

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Answer the questions below about the bathroom. You can use the interactive board below to write or upload a document or audio file.
A) Do you prefer to have a bath or a shower?
B) When do you prefer to have a bath / shower? And do you have a quick bath / shower or do you prefer to take your time?
C) Do you have a shower curtain? What’s it like?
D) What bath / shower gel do you use? Do you have a favourite brand? And what about shampoo?
E) What do you like most about your bathroom?
F) What would your ideal bathroom look like? How would it be different from other bathrooms?