A2 Verb-Noun Collocations

Introduction: What do you do in your free time?

What do you
do in your
free time?
/fri:/ /taim/


The ʔ in '/wɒʔdjə/' means we don't pronounce the 't' in 'what', but stop any sound with our vocal cords. (Image opens in new window.) Listen to this example from a song by Kesha called 'My first Kiss' and pay attention to the sound of 'went' and 'little': Our first kiss went a little like this. (Sound file opens in new window.)

Free time activities

1. Look at the activities below.
2. After you match the verbs to the nouns, write the past form on a piece of paper. e.g. 'play' » 'played'
3. Click 'Continue' (bottom of the page) to check.

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