A2 Vocabulary Topics

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The Natural World

air autumn beach bee country countryside desert east explorer field fire flower forest grass grow hill hot ice island lake moon mountain north plant rabbit river sea sky south space spring star summer tree water west winter wood wool world


a m /p m afternoon appointment autumn birthday calendar century clock daily date day diary evening half (past) holidays hour January- December meeting midnight minute moment month monthly morning night noon o’clock past quarter (past/to) second spring summer Monday-Sunday time today tomorrow tonight week weekday weekend weekly winter working hours year yesterday

Travel and Transport

(aero)(air)plane airport ambulance backpack boat bridge bus bus station bus stop car case coach country delay ( n & v) delayed drive driver driving/driver’s licence engine engineer explorer far flight fly garage helicopter journey leave left light luggage machine map mechanic mirror miss (v) motorbike motorway move oil park (v) passenger passport petrol petrol station pilot platform railway repair (v) return (n & v) ride right road roundabout sailing seat ship station stop straight on street suitcase taxi ticket tour guide tourist tourist information centre tour (n) traffic tram travel trip tyre underground (n) visit visitor way (n) wheel window


cloud cloudy cold fog foggy hot ice rain snow storm sun sunny thunderstorm warm weather wet wind windy

Work and Jobs

actor artist boss break (n) business businessman businesswoman chemist cleaner coach (n) company computer cook (n & v) customer dentist desk diary diploma doctor/ Dr driver earn email (n & v) engineer explorer factory farm farmer football footballer guest guide instructions job journalist king letter manager mechanic meeting message musician nurse occupation office painter photographer pilot player police officer queen receptionist secretary shop assistant shopper singer staff student teacher tennis player tour uniform waiter/waitress work worker writer