A2 Vocabulary topics

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Places: Buildings

apartment (building) bank block bookshop bookstore building cafe/café cafeteria castle cathedral cinema college department store disco elevator entrance exit factory flat garage grocery store guest-house hospital hotel house library lift museum pharmacy post office police station railway station school shop sports centre stadium supermarket swimming pool theatre university

Places: Countryside

area beach campsite farm field forest hill island lake mountain path railway rainforest river sea sky village wood

Places: Town and City

airport bridge bus station bus stop car park city centre corner market motorway park petrol station playground road roundabout square station street town underground zoo

Services and Shopping

ad/advertisement bank bill bookshop buy (v) cafe/café cafeteria cash (n & v) cent change (n & v) cheap cheque cinema closed close (v) cost (n & v) credit card customer dentist department store doctor dollar euro expensive for garage hotel library museum open (v & adj) pay for penny petrol station post office pound price receipt rent restaurant sale shop assistant shopper shopping centre spend sports centre supermarket swimming pool theatre tourist information try on


badminton ball baseball basketball bat bathing suit beach bicycle bike boat catch (v) climb (v) club coach (n) competition cricket cycling enter (a competition) fishing football (match) game goal golf hockey kit luck member player play (v) pool (n) practice (n) practise (v) prize race (n & v) racket rest (n & v) ride (n & v) riding rugby run (v) sailing sea skateboard (n) skate (v) skiing ski (v) snowboarding snowboard (n) soccer sport(s) sports centre stadium surf surfboard surfboarding swim swimming swimming costume swimming pool swimsuit table tennis team tennis tennis player throw(v) ticket tired trainers v / versus volleyball walk (v) watch (v) windsurfing winner win (v)