A2 Vocabulary Topics

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Health, Medicine and Exercise

accident ache ambulance appointment arm baby back bandage blood body brain break (v) check (v) chemist clean (adj & v ) cold (n) comb (n) cut (v) danger dangerous dead dentist die doctor / Dr down ear exercise eye face fall (v) feel (v) finger fit foot hair hand head health hear (v) heart hospital hurt (v) ill leg lie medicine neck nose nurse pain problem rest (n) run sick soap stomach swim temperature tired tooth toothache toothbrush walk well (adj)

Hobbies and Leisure

barbecue beach bicycle bike book camera camp camping campsite CD club collect (v) computer dance (n & v) draw DVD (player) festival go out guitar hobby holidays join (v) magazine member MP3 player museum music musician paint (n & v) park party photograph (n & v) picnic quiz tent video game

House and Home

address apartment armchair bath (tub) bathroom bed bedroom blanket bookcase bookshelf bowl box carpet chair clock computer cooker cupboard curtain desk dining room door downstairs drawer DVD (player) entrance flat (n) floor fridge furniture garage garden gas gate hall heating home house key kitchen lamp light live (v) living pillow refrigerator roof safe (adj) shelf shower sink sitting room sofa stay (v) toilet towel


centimetre / centimeter day degree gram(me) half hour kilo(gram(me)) /kg kilometre/km/kilometer liter / litre meter / metre minute moment quarter second temperature week year

Opinions, Personal Feelings and Experiences (Adjectives)

able afraid alone amazing angry bad beautiful better big bored boring brave brilliant busy careful clear clever cool different difficult excellent famous fast favourite fine free friendly funny good great happy hard heavy high hungry important interested interesting kind lovely lucky married modern nice noisy old pleasant poor pretty quick quiet ready real rich right slow small soft sorry special strange strong sure sweet tall terrible tired unhappy useful well worried wrong young