A2 Vocabulary Topics

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Documents and Texts

ad / advertisement article bill card comic book diary diploma email form letter licence magazine menu message newspaper note notebook passport postcard project text (n & v) textbook ticket


advanced beginner biology blackboard board book bookshelf chemistry class classmate classroom clever coach college course desk dictionary diploma exam(ination) eraser geography history homework information instructions know language learn lesson level library mark mathematics maths note physics practice (n) practise (v) project pupil read remember rubber ruler school science student studies study (v) subject teach teacher term test (n) university

Entertainment and Media

act actor adventure advertisement art article board game book card (v) cartoon CD (player) chess cinema classical (music) competition concert dance (n & v) dancer disco draw drawing drum DVD (player) exhibition festival film (n & v) fun go out group guitar hip hop instrument keyboard laugh listen to look at magazine MP3 (player) museum music musician news newspaper opera paint painter photograph photographer photography piano picture play (n) pop (music) practice (n) practise (v) programme project radio read (v) rock (concert) screen (n) show (n) sing singer song television / TV theatre ticket video (game) watch (v)

Family and Friends

aunt boy brother child cousin dad(dy) daughter family father friend friendly girl grandchild grand(d)ad granddaughter grandfather grandma grandmother grandpa grandparent grandson granny group guy guest husband love (n & v) married Miss Mr Mrs Ms mother mum(my) neighbour parent pen-friend sister son surname teenager uncle wife

Food and Drink

apple bake banana barbecue biscuit boil boiled bottle bowl box bread break (n) breakfast burger butter cafe/café cafeteria cake can (n) candy carrot cereal cheese chef yog(h)urt chicken chilli chips chocolate coffee cola cook (n & v) cooker cream cup curry cut (n) course dessert dinner dish (n) drink eat egg fish food fork fridge fried fruit garlic glass grape grilled honey hungry ice ice cream jam juice kitchen knife lemon lemonade lunch main meal meat melon menu milk mineral water mushroom oil omelette orange onion pasta pear pepper picnic piece of pizza plate potato rice roast (v & adj) salad salt sandwich sauce sausage slice (n) snack (n) soup steak sugar sweet (n & adj) tea thirsty toast tomato vegetable waiter waitress wash up yog(h)urt