Watch the video and answer the following questions.

1. How many of the 10 films can you name?

2. When you’re ready, click “Start”.

Language Focus: Modals 1 - Can / Can't

4. Look at the these examples from the video again.

a) I bet you can’t tell me
b) I can’t do it
c) you can’t smoke
d) As you can see
e) I can’t leave him alone
f) You can’t handle the truth
g) we can’t take off
h) I can change
i) You guys can get the tip
j) tell you you can’t do something

5. Match the expressions above to the following meanings:

1. The person has the ability to do this.
2. It is prohibited to do this.
3. It is possible to do this.
4. It’s a very bad idea to do this.
5. The person doesn’t have the ability to do this.
6. Someone wants the people to do this.

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Write your answers to these instructions using 'can' or 'can't' on the board below.

1. Write down something you have the ability to do, but not the possibility at the moment. Explain why not.
2. Are there any laws in your country which you think are ridiculous? (Don’t answer this if it could be a problem for you.)
3. What’s something you can do later today if you have the time?
4. Describe something you can’t do, not because it’s impossible, but because you think it is a very bad idea.
5. Is there anything you would love to do, but feel you don’t have the ability?
6. You tell your friend to put their money away when paying for dinner at a restaurant. What’s something they can do to show their appreciation?