Who does the cleaning in your house? How often and how much time do they spend cleaning?


1. Do you know the names of the things in the picture?
    Write them down then click ‘Answer’ below.

2. What other things do people use to clean their houses?
    Using a dictionary to help you, add them to your list from exercise 1.


3. Listen to the audio below and tick the things you hear from your list.

Did you hear any things not on your list?
Click ‘Answer’ below to see the things in the listening.

4. Choose the correct word to complete the sentences then listen again to check before you click ‘NEXT’.

Click “Start” to reload.

Click “Start” to reload.


Use the board below to describe a sequence of actions. Use the adverbial phrases 'first', 'next' etc. to introduce each stage. Examples: Washing clothes in a washing machine / Starting a car / Making a coffee (You can write a message, upload a text document or upload an mp3.)