26 Jun

July 2016


This month LLT asks you…
  • … to choose the word which means very angry.
  • … to match words to their informal synonyms.
  • … what the sentence, “I don’t reckon they’ll come.” means.
  • … to choose the correct meaning of the expression, “get ’em in“.
  • … to complete a sentence with one of four words related to pain.
23 Jun

Enough Already!! It’s All Too Much!!


Friday 24th June, 2016

New mini-class presenting the use of ‘too‘ and ‘enough‘ for making complaints.

One day, years ago when I was working in a cafe, I had to open in the morning, and I woke up late, so there wasn’t enough time for me to have breakfast. There weren’t too many customers waiting when I arrived, but I was too tired to be polite and wasn’t quick enough for one old man who wanted his coffee immediately. I had a hard time staying calm as other customers joined him in complaining. But in the end it wasn’t too bad because a workmate arrived a few minutes later to help me set up the bar.

This is an example on the interactive board at the end of the class.

And the class is here:‘Too’ and ‘Enough’ (Level: B1)

Happy complaining!!